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Guide For Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited Builds

Elder Scrolls Online is a ‘free to play’ MMORPG that can be played either on your PC, on Xbox One or Playstation 4 console. The game will be released on June 9th for both Xbox & Playstation. Below is just a simple guide for new ESO players.

The first and most important thing you should do is get a build guide and copy or create your Eso builds

1) Creating your ESO character – At the top right hand side of the character creation screen you will find four menu icons:

Choosing your  gender and race from the ten available races should be your first selection. Then you will choose a class from the four available classes. These are very important choices since your race and class will determine which ‘faction’ you will be a member of and where (which zone) you will begin the game. You can then choose your appearance – there are many, many options which allows you to create a completely unique looking character! Click each menu link to make these selections, then click Create.

2) Objectives and Quests – Throughout Tamriel, you will find NPCs that will offer you quests to do. You will notice the icon above their heads as well as on your directional compass.  You simply need to talk with them to receive it. You can then press “J” to review, access, share or abandon quests as you wish. Quests are located ALL OVER Tamriel, not just in major towns. There are a few addons (PC only) that will help you locate quests. Players on PS4 and Xbox will not be able to use addons.  A more detailed Elder Scrolls Online Guide for questing, leveling, crafting, gold making and character builds can be found at ESO Universe.

3) Exploring each zone will benefit you in many ways, such as enemies to kill, Skyshards, Mundus Stones, Lore Books, Crafting Items and Materials, Maps, etc. So don’t just run the streets and paths, take some time to explore the world of Tamriel as often as possible.

4) Be a lock picker! Many chests you will find will be locked so you will need a lockpick to open them. You will have a certain amount of time to get it open. You will see the cues on screen for doing this. Use your mouse to put the pick above the tumbler – click and hold. It should stay down when you release the button, you need to do this with each one. In some cases you may be able to force open the lock but if you fail, you will lose your lockpick! Different locks will have different levels of difficulty, it’s just a matter of doing it over and over each time you find one.

5) Get a Mount! It will allow for faster travel, although it will cost you at least 17K gold and you can get them in most big cities. You can name your mount and feed it. Its’ stats will depend on what you choose to feed it. You can buy food at any stable.

6) You will notice plenty of fishing spots along your travels and if you have bait you got from enemy drops or from vendors and you want to fish, simply hit “E” and choose your bait when at a fishing spot. Different types of fish can be caught based on your type of bait.

7) Wayshrines are a great way to get from one area to another instantly! You will see the shrine as you come up to it. You can go from one to another at no cost but if you want to get to one you’ve previously discovered from anywhere, you will pay some gold.

8) Each item you find in the game is kept in your Inventory and you’ll see each item on your screen when you go to your inventory. You can sort by type or view all. From your inventory screen you can destroy, repair, equip or enchant your items. Simply right click the item for a menu of options.

9) Equipping items – You can right click an item and choose equip or just drag and drop. Many items need to be a specific level prior to the ability to equip it. The tool-tip feature is great – it allows you to compare the item to the one you already have equipped!

10) You can use your consumable items by accessing them via your quick slot. Simply drag items into your quick slot for future use. Press & hold ‘Q’ to access the menu, click the item you want to put into your quick slot, then press ‘Q’ again you use the item.

11) Attribute Points are used for Stamina, Health and Magicka. You will receive one attribute Point every time you level up that can be spent into one of these three abilities. See more in-depth information on character builds to determine how many of each to use based on your specific build.

12) Skills and Abilities – Active, Passive and Ultimate are the three main types of abilities and you will gain experience with each one as you use them, Skill line levels are different than your level for your character. Click each of your skills to see all of its’ abilities.

13) Ability Slots – Simply drag and drop your abilities from it’s skill line to the shortcut bar. As for your “ultimate ability”, you can only have one selected at a time. You will have the option of a second set of weapon sets once you reach level 15, each are able to be equipped with six abilities. Once you obtain enough experience on a specific ability, you will have available morphs for it. You’ll notice an icon next to your ability when it’s morph is available. It does cost a skill point to morph each ability. Visit ESO Universe Guides for more tips and tricks on Elder Scrolls Online game play.